Eight Important Guidelines For Fresher Software Professionals

fresher software professionals in campus

That was a Sunday afternoon and we were all relaxing. Someone from our team saw a notification and we found Arup Mohanty from ITER asking us an interesting question through our DM link (http://m.me/InnovexAcademy ). Sumit Dhal, one of our CoFounders responded back quickly with few points.

We thought this conversation can go as our first blog post to help few more people, especially those with a campus offer letter in their hand and are waiting to join IT firms like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, IBM and others. If you are one among them – Congratulations! Hope you will find these points relevant and helpful in the coming days.

Here it goes:

JAN 22ND, 1:26PM – Arup Mohanty:
I am newly going to join an IT company so kindly suggest me some key points to work there successfully.

JAN 22ND, 2:33PM – INNOVEX ACADEMY (Sumit Dhal):
Hi Arup,


These are some points I can share from my personal experience. They are not all – but are the most important ones to start with!

1. Stay sincere and committed to every learning or real assignment you are assigned to.
– What I mean is, do everything as if you are doing it for personal passion, not as if someone just forced you to do it.

2. Pay attention to details.
– Example – If there is an email with 10 points to do, report it as completed to your team-lead only after verifying that every single statement in the task list is complete.

3. When you are doing your initial few assignments, do as if you are doing it to learn everything around that job.
– For Example, let’s say, you are told to integrate a payment gateway into a shopping site. You can search and get copy-paste integration code and do the job in 4 hours for sure. That’s great. But do not leave it at that point. Spend that evening or that weekend learning everything about payment gateway processing workflow.

4. Go through every single line of exception/ error when you encounter one. In majority cases (99% maybe), the error statement itself contains a clue to the solution.

5. Perseverance is the key to success in programmer’s life.
– Who knows you may be just 1 alternate idea away from the bug you are struggling to fix for last 2 days. If you sit on it for 10 more minutes, you can fix it. If you leave it now, it won’t get fixed by you ever.

6. Never try to act over-smart with your teammates. You need to win their trust and confidence before being assigned to a higher assignment.
– Example 1: Respond whenever your team-lead/ teammate calls you on your mobile. Who knows, it might be a critical issue and everyone is waiting for you to help.
– Example 2: Do not tell lie to take a leave. Some friend might tag you on facebook as ‘watching a movie in a theater’ -when you are off for a false reason like stomach being upset on a product release day. Imagine the consequence that will follow!

7. Always talk in English, or in a common global language in groups, so that you do not exclude anyone from the conversation.
– Example: Do not talk in Hindi, when there is a Tamilian in your group. Do not talk in Odia, when there is a Bengali guy around.

8. Always stay calm and behave nicely to everyone on the office floor – starting from your senior lead to that peer colleague, housekeeping guy, or even that canteen billing counter fellow. You are no more a college student. This is the place where at each step you need to groom yourself to climb the next step of your career and your social behavior towards others contributes a lot to how people recognise and value you.

Hope this helps!

JAN 22ND, 2:36PM – Arup Mohanty:
Awesome points to guide me
Thank you

JAN 22ND, 2:52PM – INNOVEX ACADEMY (Sumit Dhal):
🙂 . You are most welcome.


Do ‘you’ have additional points brewing in your mind? Please feel free to add those as comments below.

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– SD1