Learning Tracks

At INNOVEX ACADEMY, our goal is to empower you with a Full Cycle Software Project Development Experience. Our Learning Tracks are designed to make you Industry Ready Software Programmer with proper prerequisite learning and hands-on project exposure.

C#, ASP.net, SQL Server, Web 2.0 Project Development Training” is the primary learning track at INNOVEX ACADEMY, and it consists of following four modules. These modules take you through a step by step guided journey transforming you from a novice coder to an expert software programmer!

Programming Fundamentals

OOP Concepts and C#.net:
Start your hands-on program writing journey. Learn Object Oriented Programming Concepts with C#.net. Write 100 programs yourself. Learn programming basics and eliminate the fear of doing the real coding. more..

Web Development Fundamentals

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more:
Learn practical web development and deployment fundamentals. Design 20 simple to complex web-pages. Conceptualize, Design, Develop and Deploy a website as project assignment. more..

Database & SQL Fundamentals

MS SQL Server/ MySQL:
Understand Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) concepts. Do 10 practical, scenario-based DB designing and extensive SQL writing assignment using MS SQL Server or MySQL. more..

Full Cycle Project Development

Develop a Software Project as a team. Includes requirement analysis, technology learning, designing, coding, debugging and deployment. Follows Agile-Scrum approach with professional Project Management guidance. more..

Ground Rules

At INNOVEX ACADEMY, we follow some principles to define our training methodology. These principles define us not just in terms of what we do, but how we do things. These principles makes us unique and best place for Professional Software Development Training in Bhubaneswar. Please go through the following Ground Rules. These rules apply to all our learning tracks.

  • At INNOVEX ACADEMY, any batch size is limited to maximum 10 members.
  • You will get an office like seating layout and office like work culture. You will not be taught by teachers or trainers. You will be groomed by Professional Project Managers/ Team Leads as mentors. They will help you become a True Software Professional.
  • Each and every point about a subject will not be covered by the mentors. You will be encouraged to find solution to programming problems from various sources yourself. In the process, we will make you learn – how to learn things yourself. This is a core skill that every software professional must possess.
  • At INNOVEX ACADEMY, every batch runs on 2 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) schedule. You will be given 1 to 2 hours of tasks to do at home every day, so that you live a 4-hours a day coder life.
  • We follow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) principle. You will bring your own laptop, connect to the Academy network, do coding on that. Internet and Power infrastructure will be provided to you.
  • You will use latest industry standard versions of development tools (IDEs) such as Visual Studio 2015 Community, SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL Workbench etc to do coding.

Project Track Rules:

  • At INNOVEX ACADEMY, any project group size is limited to maximum 4 members.
  • Shared cloud-based Database Server & Deployment Server access is given to each project group as centralised development and deployment setup.
  • You will use SVN/ GIT for source code management, Jira/ Asana/ Bacecamp for task planning and project management, Slack for instant messaging and Skype/ Google hangout for conference calls. This is same as how it is done in software companies.
  • Every project member gets a Professional email-id to use and learns how to use email for professional communication.
  • The list does not end here. Come, learn with us to become an Industry Ready Software Programmer!