About Us

The team at INNOVEX ACADEMY is a group of highly competent Software Professionals with more than a decade of experience in Software Development as Senior Developers and Project Managers. They are people who developed many critical enterprise software applications for multinational clients. Apart from their role in the organization as Developers, they also served as Hiring Experts, in-house Corporate Trainers and mentored hundreds of new recruits over the years.

The team consists of people who are passionate about software development and are really worried about the decline in quality of Software Engineers produced by the Engineering and MCA Colleges these days 🙁 . They are on a mission to Train and Mentor some budding engineers and build them as Industry Ready Software Professionals.

Sumit Dhal
Co-Founder & Chief Mentor
email: sumit@innovexacademy.com
linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhalsumit
Subhakanta Dash
Co-Founder & Head of Operations
email: subhakanta@innovexacademy.com

Please visit Ground Rules section of our website to know more about the unique training methodology followed at INNOVEX ACADEMY. Please feel free to write to us through any of the channels on Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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